Training Delivery Workshops

Effective Presentation Skills

One-day Workshop

Are you hiding behind your Power Point because you’re not sure what to do with those dangling arms at your side, the cotton that has suddenly grown in your mouth or your knocking knees? Well, fret no more! This workshop is designed to equip you with the structure, the practice and the confidence to deliver dynamic presentations.

  • Identify the strengths and weaknesses in your current presentation skills.
  • Use 20 strategies to overcome fear of speaking before a group.
  • Learn tips and tricks to make your presentation dynamic
  • Capture participant interest from the beginning.
  • Develop a technique to end your presentation with impact
  • Create a personal action plan for continued self development .

After this workshop you will have a structure and a more confident presence to deliver the WOW factor at your next presentation or briefing.

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Facilitation Skills for Trainers and Team Leaders

One-day Workshop

Facilitation is one of those skills that everyone talks about but very few can do effectively. In this one day workshop, you’ll learn proven techniques to help you maintain control, facilitate group process and produce results.

  • Learn the differences between facilitating and presenting training
  • Identify what good facilitation looks like
  • Find out how effective facilitation process skills make work with groups more productive
  • Work with ten facilitation techniques that ensure a group’s success
  • Help groups grow and develop through 5 stages to productive outcomes
  • Use brainstorming, problem-solving and decision-making techniques correctly
  • Master the tactics of meeting facilitation: planning, climate setting, setting ground rules, etc.

Whether a team leader or trainer, after this workshop you will have the tools to increase your ability to facilitate your team’s goals.

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Make Adult Learning Come to Life!

One-day Workshop

Learning environment a real snoozer? Wake up and engage your learners through easy proven techniques that you’ll learn during this this fast moving, practical, hands-on session.

  • Avoid common adult learning pitfalls
  • Trigger retention in learning activities
  • Apply adult learning techniques effectively as alternatives to lecturing
  • Use 5 adult learning steps to process hands-on activities for maximum learning
  • Effectively balance content and process
  • Identify creative and fun activities that appeal to various learning styles
  • Effectively employ the methods experienced during the workshop including simulation, exercises, brainstorm activities, inventories, tests, case studies, games and puzzles

After this workshop, you will have useful tools to effortlessly engage your learners and increase retention. Make your training more fun, interesting and effective!

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Survival Skills for New Trainers-workshop-additional-info

One-day Workshop

Just got a job in learning and development and not sure where to start? Go no further! This workshop is designed for those who have made the transition into training. Join us and identify which of your skills are transferrable, and learn some new techniques to boost your confidence and your presence in the learning environment.

  • Learn basic do's and don'ts for new trainers
  • Discover how to set a low-risk, productive learning environment
  • Ask powerful questions to involve learners in their own learning
  • Deliver effective and useful feedback to learners
  • Use five steps of adult learning to facilitate any activity
  • Choose the right approach for “touchy” classroom situations
  • Pace methods to improve learner retention and reduce difficult classroom behavior

After this practical and useful workshop, you’ll have the confidence to increase your presence and control in the learning environment. Welcome to L&D!

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Facilitation Skills for e-Trainers

One-day Workshop

No, it's not a webinar - it's a workshop! Learn how to effectively transfer facilitation skills and adult learning principles to a virtual classroom. E-learners WILL multi-task - your job as an e-facilitator will be to minimize the amount 'other focus' through actively engaging them.

  • Implement adult learning concepts in e-learning using unique process tools
  • Convert ten facilitation techniques for use online
  • Increase participation, retention and learning for synchronous or asynchronous learning by using ten techniques
  • Compensate for lack of face-to-face contact
  • Apply multiple techniques for connecting with the virtual learner
  • Avoid technical problems before they derail your program. Anticipate and overcome pitfalls of facilitating e-learning

This highly practical and useful workshop will give you the tools to minimize e-learner multi-tasking along with a solid set of e-facilitation skills to take your on-line learning from a ho-hum webinar to a fully engaging learning experience.

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Effective On the Job Training

One-day Workshop

Crossing your fingers and living on the edge when it comes to your organization's OJT efforts?

Then take control and ensure its success! Improve your employees' effectiveness through our proven OJT approach! This practical and useful workshop is specially designed for trainers and subject matter experts who deliver on the job training.

  • Identify easy and effective ways to prepare for and begin on-the-job training
  • Use feedback on your natural training style to improve your teaching approach
  • Use adult learning techniques to improve retention and reduce learner resistance
  • Practice ways to get good responses during training in an OJT setting that uses SOPs or other training documentation
  • Structure demonstrations with skill practice to minimize risk and maximize retention
  • Identify how much practice is needed to learn a new skill
  • Coach and correct errors effectively

After this workshop you'll be ready to "up your OJT game" with tools and techniques that can increase retention and maximize employee performance.

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Facilitate Technical Training With Impact!

We offer this workshop in a one, two or three day format to fit the needs of your group.

Whether you're a technical subject matter expert or a full time instructor, this highly interactive workshop will give you the tools you need to step away from your PowerPoint and connect with your audience! Essentials of adult learning and how to make training come to life in a technical environment are covered along with facilitation skills and must-have process tools that help you apply adult learning concepts in the classroom. The content and methods are appropriate for large group instruction as well as on the job training and virtual instruction.

  • Set a safe, engaging learning climate
  • Identify strengths and opportunities for improvement in your instruction style
  • Involve the learner using a variety of tools and techniques to maintain high energy and active learning
  • Ask powerful questions to facilitate learning
  • Structure demonstrations with skill practice to minimize risk
  • Handle difficult participant situations with ease

After this useful workshop you'll have a solid working foundation of adult learning and facilitation skills as well as a practical set of tools you can use right away to increase retention and decrease boredom in your learning efforts. Ditch your deck and engage your learners for long lasting training results.

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