Make New Employee Orientation A Success

One-day Workshop

New Employee Orientation (NEO) does NOT belong to the training or HR department! Learn how to build the relationships and support to produce a process that is owned by the organization.

Here are some of the how to's you'll walk away with:

  • Identify bottom-line benefits of successful orientation programs
  • Select critical information employees need to be effective and successful
  • Measure the content of your orientation against some of the most successful orientation programs
  • Set objectives appropriate for your organization
  • Limit content to what is important
  • Eliminate boredom and keep the pace alive
  • Use techniques to involve new employees
  • Avoid pitfalls of ineffective orientation programs
  • Apply orientation design techniques to all new employee situations

Workshop Content:

Unit 1: Workshop Overview

  • Orientation: process over time vs. one-day training program
  • Benefits of successful programs
  • HR's role and the supervisor's role
  • How to evaluate your current orientation during the workshop
  • Examples from successful companies

Unit 2: How To Plan For Orientation

  • Who is your typical new employee?
  • What is realistic and achievable?
  • Benefits of including skill objectives
  • Who should be involved and how to gain their cooperation
  • Techniques to identify your organization's needs
  • Safety first: avoid expensive mistakes and accidents
  • How to get supervisors involved in the NEO process

Unit 3: Selecting Content And Methods

  • What new employees need: enough vs. too much
  • Select appropriate methods to deliver timely orientation
  • Review schedules and checklists
  • First day do's and don'ts
  • How to eliminate boredom and other pitfalls
  • How to create opening activities for group orientations
  • 5 key tips on taking plant tours
  • Inviting and guiding guest speakers
  • What audio-visual support is best?
  • Using "self-discovery" orientation and buddy systems
  • How to communicate corporate culture
  • Salaried, hourly, staff and supervisory orientation
  • How to make orientation more self-directed

Unit 4: Evaluate Your Orientation

  • New hire reaction
  • Were learning objectives reached?
  • Does knowledge transfer to the job?
  • How to show cost benefits


  • New company start-up orientation
  • Mergers, acquisitions and reorientation
  • New departments, branches, stores, classifications, etc.
  • Orienting management families--corporate welcome wagon
  • Multi-location and intranet delivery ideas

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