Make Training Stick: A Systematic Approach to the Transfer of Learning

One-day Workshop

What makes training stick? This workshop provides practical and useful strategies and tools to take the mystery out of ensuring effective transfer of learning efforts to the workplace.

  • Create a three way partnership with managers, learners and trainers to ensure transfer of learning
  • Leverage tactics you currently have in place to create systemic transfer support throughout your organization
  • Focus on what trainers, managers and learners EACH need to do to make learning stick – we all have a role to play!
  • Use post training performance analysis as a tool to identify what hinders the transfer of learning.
  • Identify specific techniques to involve managers in transferring learning.
  • Learn ways to measure the transfer of learning.

After this workshop you will have tools to implement a comprehensive plan of what needs to be done before, during and after training to ensure that learning sticks once back on the job.

Workshop Content:

Unit 1: Overview of transfer of learning

  • What is transfer of learning?
  • Barriers to transfer of learning
  • Whose job is it to apply what's been learned?
  • Three-way partnership between trainer, manager and learner

Unit 2: The trainer's role in the transfer of learning

  • 10 essential trainer's skills influence on the transfer of learning
  • 4 key tactics to build the ground work before training
  • Use adult learning principles
  • How to make sure the right training was conducted
  • What kind of follow-up is appropriate?
  • Post training performance analysis

Unit 3: The manager's role in the transfer of learning

  • How to get workplace results from training
  • How to involve managers prior to training
  • Identify performance required to achieve business goals
  • 8 key tips for preparing the employee before and after training
  • Manager's influence in coaching and giving feedback
  • How to conduct "level 3" evaluation to measure learning transfer

Unit 4: The learner's role in transfer of learning

  • Techniques to set expectations that improves retention and learning transfer
  • Are appropriate methods used during training to build retention?
  • What amount of learner practice is sufficient to change old habits?
  • 4 types of action plans keep everyone on track

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