Make Adult Learning Come to Life!

One-day Workshop

Learning environment a real snoozer? Wake up and engage your learners through easy proven techniques that you’ll learn during this this fast moving, practical, hands-on session.

  • Avoid common adult learning pitfalls
  • Trigger retention in learning activities
  • Apply adult learning techniques effectively as alternatives to lecturing
  • Use 5 adult learning steps to process hands-on activities for maximum learning
  • Effectively balance content and process
  • Identify creative and fun activities that appeal to various learning styles
  • Effectively employ the methods experienced during the workshop including simulation, exercises, brainstorm activities, inventories, tests, case studies, games and puzzles

After this workshop, you will have useful tools to effortlessly engage your learners and increase retention. Make your training more fun, interesting and effective!

Workshop Content:

Unit 1: Adult Learning Techniques

  • Teach a lesson to a partner – get feedback on your style
  • How to build retention
  • Get results through creativity and accelerated learning techniques
  • Use alternative methods to lecturing
  • Don’t waste the first 10 minutes
  • Do’s and don’ts of “discovery” learning

Unit 2: Process Hands-on Learning Activities for Full Impact

  • How to use 5 adult learning steps
  • Trainer Style Inventory
  • Match your trainer style to adult learning steps
  • Balance process and content
  • How to use small groups productively

Unit 3: Creative Up-to-date Training Techniques

  • Use quick puzzles and games effectively
  • Brainstorming variations
  • Use simulations and exercises to teach specific points
  • Use inventories and quizzes to assess skills
  • Use case studies and exercises to apply learning
  • Summary and application techniques

Unit 4: Resources- What is Effective Instruction?

  • Identify 10 core instructor competencies
  • Evaluate current performance against 100 benchmarks
  • Special inventory for on-the-job-trainers
  • Identify areas for coaching, feedback and training
  • Develop a personal Performance Improvement Plan

Unit 5: Resources- The Trainer's Creative Tool Kit

  • Use flip charts effectively
  • Overhead transparencies: a look at color and form
  • Answers to all puzzles and quizzes
  • Directions to complete all simulations done in the workshop
  • Ice Breakers, ideas
  • Creative facilitation tools

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