How to Write Terrific Training Materials

One-day Workshop

Ready? Set? GO! This practical and useful workshop has all the tools you’ll need to enhance your writing skills when it comes to crafting activities, exercises, materials, assessments and lesson plans.

  • Easily organize your ideas to develop training materials and sequence content
  • Develop effective learner handouts, case studies and tests
  • Easily write lesson plans others can use
  • Help learners discover and develop skills through appropriate activities and exercises
  • Overcome writer's block
  • Build learner retention

After this workshop you’ll be able to streamline your writing efforts in order to produce learner center materials that are engaging, build retention and aid in transfer of learning.

Workshop Content:

Unit 1: Introduction and Workshop Overview

  • Assess your strengths and weaknesses
  • Develop personal objectives
  • Where development fits into the “big” picture of program design
  • Objectives for developing materials

Unit 2: Prepare to Write

  • 4 steps to organize your ideas
  • "Mapping" strategies to create ideas
  • How to sequence content
  • Test your copy’s readability

Unit 3: Develop Learner Activities, Exercises and Learner Handout Materials

  • How to sequence learning activities
  • Select the best learning experience
  • Create "discovery learning" in your activities
  • Build retention with 5 types of interactions
  • Types of materials: is the objective knowledge, skill or attitude?
  • Tips for writing case studies, observations, games, information searches, skills practice, inventories, and writing tasks
  • Use a comprehensive guide to develop activities and exercises
  • Use format and display tips
  • How to develop programmed notes
  • Use a 15 point checklist to develop complete handouts
  • Identify 5 types of handout materials

Unit 4: Writing Tests and Learner Assessments

  • Purpose of testing
  • Do we need to test?
  • Test method selection
  • Test development steps
  • Levels of learning
  • Questions to test knowledge
  • Write reliable and valid tests
  • Create skill performance tests

Unit 5: Effective Lesson Plans

  • When to develop 3 types of lesson plans
  • Develop lesson plans for others to use easily
  • Use a 15-point lesson plan checklist

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