Level II: How to Evaluate Learning

One-day Workshop

Never seem to know where to start when crafting tests to measure skills and knowledge? In this hands-on, practical workshop, learn to match tests to learning objectives. Strategies for reliability and validity are stressed.

  • Determine your purpose in conducting Level II evaluation.
  • Identify the most appropriate method of testing for knowledge and for skill performance
  • Match test items to four criteria in learning objectives.
  • Learn how to write effective knowledge and skill tests.
  • Apply reliability and validity to your organization’s course tests.

After this workshop you will have the tools and techniques to evaluate learning within the learning environment and put the wheels in motion for transfer back to the workplace.

Workshop Content:

Unit 1: Introduction

  • Planning the Test and Purpose of Testing
  • Norm-Referenced vs. Criterion-Referenced Testing
  • Types of Testing Procedures
  • Test Methods Selection

Unit 2: Constructing the Test

  • Levels of Learning
  • Appropriately Worded Test Questions
  • Eliminate Irrelevant Barriers to Test Taking
  • Characteristics and Appropriate Use of Knowledge Questions
  • Characteristics of Skill Performance Tests
  • Skill Performance Test Worksheet and Skill Performance Rating Systems
  • Sample Skill Performance Test

Unit 3: Evaluating the Test

  • Criteria for Testing
  • Scoring Tests
  • Time Allowed to Take a Test
  • Cut-off Scores – Establishing Mastery

Unit 4: Test Reliability and Validity

  • Measuring Test Reliability and Validity overview
  • Exercise #1: How to compute a correlation coefficient for test reliability
  • Percent of Variability
  • Calculate the correlation coefficient
  • Exercise #2: How to establish face validity for a test
  • Item Analysis for Face Validity
  • Analyzing the Data for Face Validity
  • Exercise #3: Summary Validity Exercise
  • Audit Trail Requirements
  • Exercise #4: Test Evaluation

Unit 5: Resources

  • Test Reliability Worksheet
  • Criteria for Testing Worksheet
  • Test Scoring Form
  • Skill Performance Test Worksheet
  • Skill Performance Rating Systems

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