A Consulting Approach to Needs Assessment

One-day Workshop

Make the transition from trainer to performance consultant when tackling your next needs assessment. Examine the importance of taking on the role of performance consultant as you identify and confirm who your client is and exactly what they need in the way of performance solutions.

  • Use the 8 step consulting process to help measure real needs while creating partnerships in action
  • Anticipate the changing training needs in your organization
  • Contract for results, not just training activities
  • Gain management's commitment to performance improvement
  • Create powerful, clear, specific performance inmprovement plans based on fact, achievable and cost justified
  • Conduct successful feedback meetings
  • Anticipate and minimize obstacles to the assessment process

After this practical and useful workshop you’ll be able to determine which consulting role is right for you as you navigate the performance consulting process. During this journey, you’ll assess the best tools to use to uncover the “real” problem along with putting it all together in a performance improvement plan.

Workshop Content:

Unit 1: Transition to an Internal Consulting Approach

  • Life cycle of a training function
  • How to develop partnerships
  • Who is the client?
  • Internal consulting roles and skills
  • Consulting continuum
  • Internal consulting roles inventory results
  • Internal consulting skills
  • 8-step consulting process

Unit 2: Diagnosing Problems: Assessment Tools -- What is Right and When

  • Assessments – an overview
  • Assessment objectives and methods
  • Conducting assessment interviews
  • Use basic and follow-up questions to uncover client needs
  • Formal and informal techniques to analyze performance problems--is training the answer?
  • Goal analysis – making vague requests specific
  • Interpret training needs and wants from assessment data
  • What tasks need training?
  • How much training is needed?

Unit 3: Pulling it All Together

  • Develop a 10-part performance improvement plan overview and example
  • Presenting the performance improvement plan at a feedback meeting
  • Summary and action plan

Unit 4: Resources

  • Action plan and conclusion

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