Communication Skills Workshop

ACTIVE LISTENING helps the learner listen to the direct and implied messages of others. Communication skills of paraphrase, feedback and overcoming barriers to listening are covered along with an assessment of listening skills.

CONDUCTING SUCCESSFUL MEETINGS helps the learner run effective meetings and includesagenda planning, questioning skills, gaining participation from attendees, consensus building, eliminating distractions and time wasters. Participants lead discussions as part of the application of this skill.

EFFECTIVE BUSINESS WRITING shows the learner how to write clear and concise reader-centered business messages that can be read and understood on the first reading. Practice in writing memos and letters are a part of the workshop.

EFFECTIVE COMMUNICATION helps the learner understand the essential elements of communication and analyzes the effectiveness of his/her current style. Practical suggestions for making communication work on a daily basis are explored in case studies. Barriers to communication are discussed and strategies to deal with difficult people practiced.

EFFECTIVE PRESENTATIONS helps overcome fear before a group, plan and develop a speech, involve others in an interesting, informative manner. Informative and persuasive speeches are stressed. Use of audiovisuals, platform techniques are stressed during the participant's two presentations.

Interpersonal Skills Workshop

ADVANCED PEOPLE SKILLS helps learners work better with others through analyzing decision making styles, how to use creative techniques and conflict resolution skills. Evaluate your partnerships and personal effectiveness.

MANAGING DIVERSE WORK GROUPS helps managers identify four levels of diversity, recognize issues that come from cultural programming and overcome cultural barriers to managing a diverse work team.

BUILD PRODUCTIVE TEAMS THROUGH IMPROVED COMMUNICATION helps learners identify what an effective team looks like, how to improve team effectiveness, five stages of team development, and collaborative problem solving skills and decision making.

CONFLICT MANAGEMENT helps learners identify techniques to resolve differences with and among others. A variety of techniques can be tried to fit different situations. Assess personal strengths and weaknesses in applying the process. This workshop promotes open communication in a win/win model.

DEALING WITH DIFFICULT PEOPLE helps learners identify types of difficult people and situations and key internal and external strategies for dealing with them.

TEAMWORK SKILLS IN A PROJECT ENVIRONMENT helps the team member build collaborative skills and achieve business objectives with others. Effective communication, feedback and project management skills are stressed.

Self-Management Skills Workshop

MANAGING CHANGE helps identify techniques to successfully implement change. Techniques to help plan and execute change in a five-step model are presented and applied to the participant's situation. Suggestions are given to anticipate, identify and overcome resistance to change in yourself and others.

MANAGE TIME AND STRESS SUCCESSFULLY combines elements of time management and stress management to be more effective and efficient in getting work done.

MANAGE YOURSELF EFFECTIVELY helps you gain skills toward the competency of: Manage self effectively as a committed and responsible employee who respects the rights of others.

PROBLEM SOLVING AND DECISION MAKING helps learners refine their problem solving and decision making skills by using specific, proven methods of getting results. Learners are given a framework for solving problems and practice alternative methods to develop this framework. Systematic and creative problem solving techniques are addressed and practiced.

PROJECT MANAGEMENT FOR THE REAL WORLD helps the project manager start up, define, control and conclude a project. Includes key project leadership skills.

SUCCESSFUL TIME MANAGEMENT offers suggestions for personal organization, planning and prioritizing, eliminating time wasters, handling interruptions and crisis management. Cures for procrastination and enhanced use of discretionary time are key elements. There is an additional materials fee of $20 per person for a commercial inventory.

UNDERSTANDING AND MANAGING STRESS helps learners identify personal and job related stressors in 7 categories and practical suggestions for coping with those elements that cannot be eliminated or reduced. There is an additional materials fee of $20 per person for a commercial inventory.

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