How to Assess Training Needs

One-day Workshop

Need to conduct an assessment but not sure where to start? We’ve got it all laid out for you! Start with 10 “must know” assessments methods, practice designing your own and then pull it all together to develop a strategy to address the real performance needs.

  • Measure organization's training needs
  • Develop a specific training plan that is based on fact, achievable and cost justified
  • Design assessment tools
  • Write effective questionnaires
  • Conduct successful feedback meetings
  • Anticipate and minimize obstacles to the assessment process

After this practical and useful workshop you’ll be able to distinguish between a need and a want, zero in on performance issues and take a deep dive at their root cause and the best solution.

Workshop Content:

Unit 1: Your Needs and How Analysis Can Help

  • Introduction
  • Inventory your skills
  • A look at your personal and organizational needs
  • Assessments--an overview

Unit 2: Assessment Tools -- What is Right and When

  • 10 "must know" assessment methods to do the job correctly
  • Analyze performance problems--is training the answer?
  • Sort out training needs and wants
  • Who needs training?
  • What tasks need training?
  • How much training is needed?
  • Pitfalls that can destroy the best laid plans
  • Methods Variety Scale--a Training Clinic Exclusive--how to use it to keep your training pace alive

Unit 3: How to Conduct an Assessment

  • 9 methods to collect information
  • Designing your own instruments--a hands-on exercise
  • Writing questionnaires
  • Buying standard instruments: pros and cons
  • Conducting interviews
  • Difficult issues and how to handle them

Unit 4: Pulling It All Together

  • Feedback meetings and training plans
  • What are your objectives?
  • How to develop a strategy that meets your needs
  • Making recommendations that will get approved

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