Assess and Evaluate Training - The Training Clinic

One-day Workshop

Looking for more than surveys to help assess your training needs? Learn to use nine different “front-end” needs assessment tools effectively. Tools include performance analysis, target population analysis, job and task analysis, and training methods analysis. In addition, you’ll learn to sort out training needs versus training “wants”. Emphasis is given to effective use of surveys and questionnaires. Tools are provided to measure the effects of training using four levels of evaluation.

  • Learn how to use pre-training and post training performance analysis to clarify performance issues and identify what hinders the transfer of learning
  • Conduct needs assessment to identify performance improvement and training needs
  • Develop a comprehensive performance improvement plan
  • Build a partnership with line managers to help learning transfer to the job
  • Complete trend analysis to identify the level of satisfaction with training
  • Determine how well objectives were met
  • Use a validation tool to identify the transfer of learning to the workplace
  • Measure the value of training using cost benefit analysis to demonstrate return on investment
  • After this workshop you will have a FULL battery of practical and useful tools to employ to more accurately assess your training needs and evaluate the results!

Workshop Content:

Unit 1: Overview of assessment, transfer of learning, and evaluation

  • Three-way partnership between trainer, manager and learner
  • Training plan overview
  • Types of needs assessment
  • Four types of evaluation

Unit 2: Assessing training needs

  • Performance analysis – Is training appropriate?
  • Goal analysis – what can training accomplish?
  • Needs vs. wants – what’s the best type of training?
  • 4 key tactics to build the ground work before training
  • How to make sure the right training was conducted
  • What kind of follow-up is appropriate?
  • Post training performance analysis

Unit 3: The manager's role in the transfer of learning

  • How to get workplace results from training
  • How to involve managers prior to training
  • Identify performance required to achieve business goals
  • 8 key tips for preparing the employee before and after training
  • Manager's influence in coaching and giving feedback

Unit 4: Evaluate Training

  • Reaction to learning and the role of trend analysis
  • How to measure learning and conduct appropriate tests
  • Does the skill transfer to the job?
  • How to measure bottom-line results

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