Challange: A board game

Excitement to Your New Employee Orientation, Customer Service or Sales Training Programs

If your training programs lack interest and participant involvement, you may be sending the wrong message. Enhance your training programs with a more active, engaging and stimulating approach. Use "Challenge...a board game" to impart , reinforce and evaluate knowledge about your training topic.

Easily Implemented, Facilitated

"Challenge...a board game" is an easily facilitated, generic board game that can be used to enhance the learning of a variety of specific subjects in an involving, interactive way. New Employee Orientation, Customer Service and Saleschallenge game Training are currently available, with more to follow. You can easily customize the game to teach content or techniques unique to your organization.

"Challenge... a board game" can be played by up to 5 participants or teams. You can incorporate Challenge at any stage of your session to provide a review, follow-up or reinforcement of the content that has been covered. And, the game format creates interest, involvement and healthy competition while it imparts information.

Challenge provides simple instructions and step-by-step guidance in setting up and conducting the game. It requires minimal supervision and can be structured to be conducted entirely by the participants. Building on Challenge's standard challenge game 2Question Cards featuring New Employee Orientation, Customer Service or Sales Training you can create additional questions about your organization, using the blank cards provided, to create a custom feel to your game.

Why Challenge Is Right For You:

  • Easily implemented, facilitated (no expensive facilitator or expert required)
  • Easy to use (simple instructions and step-by-step guidance)
  • Cost effective (costs less than a video)
  • Tests knowledge and understanding of facts about your content
  • Repeated use lowers the per-person training cost
  • Flexible (can be used by any group or industry)
  • Highly interactive, non-threatening, requires minimal supervision
  • Improves retention, promotes discussion, entertaining
  • Contents:
  • Game layout sheet
  • Game pieces
  • Game questions
  • Program announcements
  • Games rules
  • Facilitator instructions
  • Blank games cards to print your own questions

Game cost: $199.00

Included items: Challenge game board, facilitator's guide, games pieces, and your choice of one subject card deck: New Employee Orientation, Customer Service or Sales Training.

For additional Question Card Sets add $50.00 per set:

TO ORDER, CALL: 562-594-9030

  • New Employee Orientation Question Card Deck
  • Customer Service Question Card Deck
  • Sales Training Question Card Deck