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How to Write Terrific Training Materials: Methods, Tools and Techniques

Develop training programs that help learners discover concepts and apply what is learned on the job with How to Write Terrific Training Materials: Methods, Tools, and Techniques. The easy-to-use tools and templates answer all your questions so you can create the best training programs in the shortest amount of time.

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Successful New Employee Orientation, 3rd edition

This third edition of the proven guide includes innovative ideas, program outlines, and interactive activities to engage, energize, and motivate your new employees and lay the foundation for their success in your organization. Flexible and fully customizable materials can be used in a variety of ways from designing a program from the ground up to adding zest to an existing program.

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Instant Case Studies: How to Design, Adapt, and Use Case Studies in Training

If you want to improve learning retention, create discovery learning, make training interactive, increase participation and make training fun...this book is for you! In this easy-to-use resource, author and training expert Jean Barbazette gives you 71 case studies to use instantly or modify to meet your specific learning needs. She defines the five types of case studies and their different purposes, shows the benefits of using case studies...

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The Trainer's Journey To Competence: Tools, Assessments and Models

The Trainer’s Journey to Competence draws on Jean Barbazette’s thirty-five years of experience in training trainers. The book serves as both a useful source of career advice for those in the training field, and as a starting point for creating a role-specific professional development plan. Professional trainers can use this resource to assess their knowledge, skills, and attitudes and use this information to create an individual development...

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The Art of Great Training Delivery: Strategies, Tools, and Tactics

This is a new book in The Skilled Trainer series which provides practical guidance for those who've had some exposure to training and would like to take their career to the next level. This book is intended to help beginning trainers move their training and facilitation skills to the next level. It offers practical advice--and dozens of examples--on selecting and using a variety of training methods to create the best learning experience and...

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Managing The Training Function For Bottom Line Results

This book presents time saving strategies, tactics, and a host of job aids to get the best result from the corporate learning function. It will serve both as a must-have reference tool and as a practical survival guide for workplace learning professionals who face unique challenges in accomplishing their responsibilities. Several strategies and tactics are offered to organize the roles and responsibilities of the training function. There's...

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Training Needs Assessment: Methods, Tools and Techniques

This book covers the essentials of needs analysis from the emerging trainer's perspective by providing just the right amount of support and knowledge without going too deep into the subject. The topics covered include when and how to do a training needs analysis; using informal and formal analysis techniques; goal, task and population analysis; and how to develop and present a training plan for management approval. Each chapter includes...

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