Instant Case Studies: How to Design, Adapt, and Use Case Studies in Training

If you want to improve learning retention, create discovery learning, make training interactive, increase participation and make training fun...this book is for you! In this easy-to-use resource, author and training expert Jean Barbazette gives you 71 case studies to use instantly or modify to meet your specific learning needs. She defines the five types of case studies and their different purposes, shows the benefits of using case studies, and offers clear-cut suggestions for writing your own original case studies or customizing existing case studies. Barbazette also offers step-by-step instructions for processing each case study to maximizing the potential for learning. In addition, all of the 71 case studies and discusses questions in the second half of this book are contained on the book's companion CD-ROM for your use. Answers to all case study questions are provided in the book.

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