In addition to providing train the trainer workshops and certifications, we can also meet your department’s needs through our instructional design, facilitation and consulting services.

Instructional Design
Finding the time and expertise to design training programs is tough! Let us help you by providing exactly what you need. Whether you need something designed from scratch, redesigned, or would just like some feedback on your design (and some coaching from us), we are ON THE JOB!

Let us know your specific needs, timeline and existing resources and we’ll customize a project plan and pricing that won’t blow your budget out of the water.

Solid facilitation skills are a MUST in today’s learning professional’s tool kit. However, good facilitation skills must be learned and honed in order to produce results. If you need an experienced facilitator for a meeting or planning session (or just want an outside presence) give us a call – we are ready to help you achieve your groups’ outcomes.

When tackling performance issues it’s often helpful to have an outside, objective ear to listen and lend perspective. At our core, we are performance consultants. Let us be your trusted advisors as you tackle your organization’s performance issues. We can help you from start to finish. Whether actively (and visibly) serving on your groups’ advisory board or coaching from behind the scenes, we will help determine a good fit for your consulting needs.

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