If you're in training and no one told you you're also a marketeer - then let us be the first to inform you!

No, this isn't some kind of hype. It's not a trend. Marketing is essential to the survival of your department.

The success of any training department lies in the support and respect that it's given by employees at all levels of the organization. This support and respect have to be earned and in some cases, it's not easy.

It all starts with relationship building. Back in the 80's, futurist John Naisbitt wrote that someday we would be able to order groceries and other such things through our personal computer. At this point in our technology (VHS was a biggie), many reacted to this with, "What's THIS guy smokin'?" But here we are! We can shop, chat, find a date, do research and countless other things on the amazing worldwide web.

Naisbitt also said that when we reached this time we would be living in a "high-tech, high-touch" world. That the more technologically savvy we became, the more we would be influenced by those who have the ability to reach out and connect with us, on a personal level.

And that, my friends, is where we are! Is social media important in marketing? Absolutely - we live in a high tech world so we need to have others LinkIn to us, Like Us on Facebook, tweet us, text us and be in the cloud with us!

But let's not get mired down too much in all of this technology because it changes by the minute. Let's not underestimate the power of connecting with another individual, face to face, listening, providing feedback and sharing ideas. These skills have not changed with time and are the cornerstone of relationship and trust-building.

So as you go forward in your marketing plans, please explore all that social and print media have to offer. But along with that, hone your interpersonal skills, for these are the very things that make the difference in the final connection!

When was the last time you sat across a table and shared a cup of coffee or lunch with someone from another department and asked what YOU could do for them? If it's been more than a month, it's time to "put away all of your electronic devices" and plugin on a different level!


Maria Chilcote & Melissa Smith

The Training Clinic