Why Choose us?

Because we’re the best…seriously! We’ve been around for almost 40 years for a reason.

First, we have a phenomenal product. Our brand of train-the-trainer workshops and certifications have practical and useful content that has been crafted using solid instructional design methodologies.

Second, you will ALWAYS have access to one of our owners. No talking to sales or marketing. You go directly to the heads of TTC!

Third, our Certified Master Facilitators! Each has 15+ years of experience in the L&D community, has managed a training function, and has a passion for this work. They love sharing their stories to help illustrate a concept.

Fourth, we’re flexible. We provide train the trainer workshops and certification programs on site at your location, as public workshops at four major U.S. locations and also in virtual format.

Lastly, you'll love working with us. We consistently receive feedback on the exceptional level of service we provide, the strength of the partnerships we form and the long lasting results we help achieve!

Train the Trainer

Partners Melissa Smith and Maria Chilcote